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Aloha, I’m Sheryl Ndasi, Cameroonian-born,  German living. A wife and mother of two awesome kids. Clinical Research Manager during the day, as if my life wasn’t busy enough blogger in the night.

A newly natural hair blogger who’s decided to join the natural hair journey and revolution. Being a shy person this is going to be my greatest challenge ever. I took up blogging when I realized only a few Cameroonians were blogging on natural hair. It was hard to find Inspiration from that avenue.

While I want to center my blog around the girly, fun and light side of natural hair and natural beauty, I always want to stick with my convictions of staying natural and also respecting my body.  I want to empower you to say no to harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals in your daily routine and give you the resources and alternatives to make it easy!Sheryl Portrait

I believe in self-expression, self-love, and self-responsibility. Life is what we make it. Besides natural hair, I love skin care, makeup fashion.  I’ve always been a trend seeker and love to pair classic designer style with cheap

I believe in smart, soulful conversation. Lifting up not tearing down. The joy of storytelling. In giving out selves permission to be magnificent. I believed we are learning,

There’s nothing wrong with us. We don’t need to fix or hide away our natural hair. We’ll keep going and unfolding all the natural Goodies.

I believe that what we’re ultimately looking for – that big purpose we’re all flipping over stones to find – It’s meaning. True happiness

We are going to celebrate our natural hair because I am up to putting in every effort to educate, inspire and uplift women with natural hair. I intend to make this a fun journey, with zero stress. As the saying goes “all learning without play makes Jake a dull boy”

My goal is to debunk the myths and change the misconceptions about African natural hair –– a fallacy shared by many, unfortunately. We do have better choices and relaxing shouldn’t be a do or die issue. I’m not a professional but do understand as much my own hair.splendisheryl

Thank God there is growing interest and awareness vis-à-vis our natural hair. I hope to inspire as many people as possible to join those of us who have done the BC. I am very optimistic, though. Cameroonians, we have to stand up for our values.  You need not be an expert on African hair in order to go back to your roots board this train. This is our journey.  As earlier mentioned, I am neither a master in the field even though that wouldn’t be an impossibility if you embark on this natural hair revolution journey.

I am counting on you, for together we can bring about  awareness. Let’s share with the newbie and soon to be the newbie. Let’s embrace, love and be proud of our hair. It is high time we shy away from ignorance. Keep in mind seeing is believing. We can grow our own natural hair to great lengths. I know that God had a damn very good and blessed reason for giving us this luxuriant natural hair.

Going back to my roots: Bye Bye, Tschuß, Adios, Aurevoir to perming forever and ever AMEN!



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