The Sherylicious Way Of Protective Style Challenge

Grow Your Hair and Your Edges The Sherylicious Ways.

01. July – 31 December 31

Protective styles

I’ll spend the next 6 months, 01 Jul – 31 Dec 2016, doing protective styles. I want to grow my hair out  after cutting off 3 inches and at the same time grow my edges to it’s fullest in this challenge. This challenge is for me but you are free to JOIN MEEEEEE. Just take pix before this challenge and keep them. I’m looking forward to seeing those results as well. Our goal in this challenge is grow longer, fuller hair and edges.

Challenge Rules

  1. Nutrition conscious (fruits and veggies).
  2. Increase water intake.
  3. Long term protective styles at least 4 weeks and at most 6 weeks.
  4. Wash and condition hair every week, this is a must, or at least every other week.
  5.  Moisturize your hair every day or every other day.
  6. Oil and massage scalp every day or every other day with growth aid oils or any natural oil of your choice.
  7. Take multi vitamins/ supplements (optional).
  8. Only medium braids, twist, Marley, weaves, cornrows, and wigs are allowed.
  9. Nightly edges massage with hair growth oil, balm or whatever you are using in treating your edges. I will be using my DIY edge growth oil.
  10. Cover and protect hair at night with satin bonnet, satin pillow case or head wraps.
  11. One to two weeks rest in-between protective styles.
  12. Before and after Pics.

Best Protective Styles for Maximum Growth! 

  • Braids, Cornrows, Wigs. Weaves are optional only if you have no other choice of protective hair style to do.
  • Step 1: Choose a style.
  • Braids: Only medium size Braids, twist and keep at most 6 weeks.
  • Cornrows: Avoid cornrows that start from the front with extensions and carry for at most 4 weeks.
  • Wigs: Even though we take our wig out in the night. I’m going to say 4 weeks at most, one week free and start again.

Tips on braiding your hair to maximized hair growth. 

  • Tip 2
    For those with natural hair before any protective style stretch your hair using African threading method for maximum stretch.
  • No blow dryer and flat Iron before protective styles.
  • Step 3
    Protective style process:
    Whatever desired hairstyle you opt for, always coat each section of hair with a good Shea butter before adding extensions. This will keep your hair to stay moisturized and lubricated under the extensions.


TIPS: Wig for damage hair.

  • Protective styles such as braids and cornrows with extensions are beautiful but are not great to use if we do have existing problems like breakage, excessive shedding. This protective style should be done on healthy hair not on damage hair to cover up an existing problem. Such styles on weak, brittle and damage hair will not correct the underlying problem but will aggravate the problem. The weight and tensions caused by the extension added on braids will only add to the existing problem causing more trauma.
  • My suggestion will be to use a wig as a protective style. Wig is not as stressful on the hair strands as braids. It also gives you the possibility to remove nightly which ensures proper care for the underlying problem.
  • After making sure of the right steps before installing your braids and now you have all installed, it doesn’t end there. we have to take care of our scalp and hair. Stick around for all series of hair care, tips, DIY for the next 6 months in this challenge.

All the best my loves and have some amazing growth!!!Sherylicious6

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